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Accessibility Statement

We, at ITL, are striving and taking steps to promote accessibility. We value our customers with disabilities equally to any other customer, and believe they are entitled to equal access to our facilities and services.

ITL adheres to the provisions of the Israeli Accessibility Law, and even more so, in order to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and assist them in their integration in our society in an equal, independent and dignified manner.

Our accessibility adjustments are performed according to the provisions of the AFRICA Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 1998 and its subsequent regulations, including the Equal Rights to People with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments in Services) Regulations, 2003.

How is our Website Accessible?

We have adjusted our Website so is accessible according to the AA level set out in World Standard No. 5568, which corresponds with the equivalent AA level of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version.

Our website includes the following accessibility methods:

Its structure is designed for accessibility technologies, including support for the customary accessibility navigation with the arrow keys and the Esc and Enter Buttons to enter or exit menus and windows.

Has been tested and is customized for the highest levels of accessibility on Mozilla Firefox. It is also responsive and usable on Microsoft Explorer and Google Chrome.

We received professional counsel on the accessibility applications on our website from the @-2-Z an world Online Marketing agency specializing in website accessibility.

In order to experience the optimal browsing experience with the most updated version of the NDVA "screen-reader" software

You may contact our Online Accessibility Supervisor, via ITL website team email at:, with any requests for any of the following:

If any information on our website is not accessible or requires further accessibility adjustments

Requesting we implement voluntary accessibility adjustments for information on our website, which does not require such adjustments under law

How is our Customer Service Accessible?

Our ITL employees Accessibility Training – We are in the process of training our staffs on the various aspects of accessibility, in order to foster awareness to the principles of accessibility and to grant them practical tools to provide such accessible services.

Accessible Call Center – Our call center's voice response has been made accessible in a manner of which words are pronounced clearly, and there is no background music.

There are several alternative methods of communication with us:

Sending an Online Contact Us form:

E-mail address:

How are our Public Facilities are Accessible?

We are currently promoting accessibility at our headquarters and in frontal customer facing offices, and are amidst gradual transition to full accessibility under Law will conclude during 2018.

Haifa Headquarters

Address – 9 Andrei Sakharov Blvd. Haifa

Disabled Parking –

ITL retains 5 designated parking spots in its underground parking lot; and

Additional 2 outdoor parking spaces

Access Points to the Building – accessible

Accessibly entryways - 4

An accessible entrance is available alongside the rotating doors in surface entry

Elevators are accessible and allow entrance to the building itself

Disabled Restrooms – 3 – lobby floor, 3rd and 5th floor

Wide Hallways - throughout the whole building

Elevator - 4

Haifa frontal customer facing office

Address – rented space at- Haifa., Hanamal33, 2nd floor

Disabled Parking –at least 2 -public facilities

Accessibly entryways - partially- accessible

Elevator – 1

Ashdod frontal customer facing office

Address Ort Street, Ashdod- Seaport Building #8, 18th floor

Disabled Parking –at least 2 -public facilities

Access Points to the Building- Accessible

Accessibly entryways - Accessible

Disabled Restrooms – 1

Wide Hallways - Accessible

Elevator - 2

You may contact our Physical Accessibility Supervisor, Mr. Amos Gvili, Sunday through Thursday, with any complaints, comments or suggestions regarding accessibly, at: